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Catalogue of Chinese coins from the VIIth cent. 621, including the series in the British Museum. London, 1892, 443 pp., illus. Deals with the issue of bank notes by the three government banks.

  • Inscriptions on cash.
  • Silver in China and its relation to Chinese copper coinage.
  • Davis, Andrew McFarland (1833–1920).
  • A discussion of the Chinese monetary situation as it was when the decline of silver was first becoming conspicuous.

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Photographie originale / Original photograph

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File:Ancienne monnaie chinoise.2.JPG

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monnaie chinoise

Tientsin Press, 1903, 30 pp. The Society is attempting to obtain those items not already credited to its library in this bibliography. A survey of the Society’s numismatic books in the Chinese language was prepared by the compiler and published in 1940, cf. —— Some remarks on a series of coins issued in China based on the British-Indian rupee. AJN, v. 41, no. 2, Oct. 1906, pp. 29–31, illus.

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Paires de devises populaires pour Dollar des États-Unis (USD)

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monnaie chinoise

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Affaire FTX : Sam Bankman-Fried dans le viseur de la justice américaine

Partial translation in French in BN, v. 11, no. 4, Jul.–Aug. 1904, pp. 50–53, illus. —— The NPBFX Broker Review new Chinese dollar, by Franklin Perry (pseud.) CCJ, n. S., v. 1, no. 2, May 1934, p. 39.

numismatic bibliography of the Far East

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